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Company overview

Our Status


Company Name
Head office Address
7-20-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Date of Incorporation
9 February 1996
10 million Japanese Yen
CEO Miki Akiyama
Director of Jewellery Sales Division Seiji Akiyama
General Counsel
Satoshi Noma, Tokyo Yamate Law Firm
Advising Accountants
Lisenberg Watanabe, tax accountant
Tetsuhito Watanabe, tax accountant
Riesenberg Sakoda Murakami, social insurance labor consultant
Noriko Adachi, social insurance labor consultant and office counselor
Partner Banks
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Roppongi branch)
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Toritsudaigaku Ekimae branch)
MUFG Bank, Ltd. (Toritsudaigaku Ekimae branch)
The Yamanashi Chuo Bank, Ltd. (Shinjuku branch)
The Johnan Shinkin Bank (Hibusuma branch)
SBI Sumishin Net Bank
Japan Post Bank


Company history

Our History


This is a brief history of the company. Details can be found on our company's representative Akiyama profile page.
DEFI Inc. is established as a bridal service company
DEFI Inc. started jewellery sales
DEFI Inc. started investment and IPO support in Silicon Valley
DEFI Inc. started VIP services


Rrepresentative profile

About Miki Akiyama


Miki AkiyamaCEO, DEFI Inc.

An Entrepreneur Wishing to Surpass
the Legacy of Her Father
Akiyama was born in Yamanashi Prefecture.
Akiyama’s father was also an entrepreneur. He was the third son in a family of a kimono shop, which, up to this day has, lived on for three generations. Inspired by his elder brother, who had succeeded the family business, he decided to start his own business, a successful knitting manufacturing company, which, in those days, was a growing industry. His attempts to diversify his business, unfortunately failed, as they came ahead of the time.

Akiyama herself learned early that success in business management requires a breadth of knowledge and skills. She moved to the United States in order to study in the business center of the world, although back then it was still rare to study abroad. During this time, she noticed that the expat Japanese community, especially many Japanese students from a wealthy background, were forming a closed group. Wishing to focus on her studies and adapt to the new culture in the US, she distanced herself from this group. This overseas study gave her skills in a foreign language and business management, and above-all, global views.
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Chapter 2: Training Days
After graduating from the Brewton Parker College in the US, she returned to Japan and aimed to interact with leaders in the industry, taking advantage of her language skills. At that time, only few people in Japan could speak English. She had opportunities to work with the executives of leading foreign companies.

1) Leaders Magazine Co., Ltd.She had the opportunity to have direct contact with the former Prime Minister Takeshita, former Prime Minister Miyazawa, Mr. Inamori, the founder of KYOCERA Corporation, presidents of megabanks. Touching the top philosophy and business minds, working with them became a big turning point to her.

2) Upjohn Corporation 3) Wella Japan Co., LtdShe worked as a secretary of a British president at Kadath Japan, a subsidiary of Wella Japan, and learned a lot from his management style and human philosophy. However, it was the peak of the economic bubble and the mood in the company was overly optimistic. Thus, she realized there was not much more to learn in this environment, and decided to start her own business.

"My goal is not to be employed, it is to be a better business entrepreneur than my father. And that is why I have invested a lot of time for this. I shall not put myself in an easy environment. I have to continue refining myself in a harsh environment and reach my dreams."
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Chapter 3: Independence
She founded DEFI Inc. in February 1996.
She selected bridal services as a business domain, because of her own distinct feeling that “things could be a lot better” while attending her friends’ weddings in Japan, where ceremonies always followed the stereotypes, without any individual character. She recalled weddings in the US were a lot freer, with a much more personal touch.

Soon the economic bubble in Japan burst. Despite modest sales, continuing the bridal business alone was proving challenging. In 2004 DEFI Inc. started jewellery sales business, as jewellery was directly related to the bridal side of the business, and was also happened to be the local industry of her hometown in Yamanashi prefecture. With the help of her brother, a highly-skilled jewellery craftsman, the business took off.

"There was a big difference between helping someone's business and taking care of my own. When I noticed that I had always been supported by my family, I became more stoic, and as a result I could succeed."
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Chapter 4: Beyond the Wall
Although the bridal and jewellery business was successful, Akiyama was convinced these alone won’t provide her with the freedom in time, money, and meaningful personal human network at the level she wished. Becoming an investor seemed to her to be the only solution, so she left Japan again, seeking investment option. Investing in Silicon Valley, she succeeded in receiving enormous funds through the IPO of the companies she invested.

IPO support became a crucial part of her company, and in just two years, she got the freedom of time and capital to her satisfaction, the freedom to meet friends whenever she wished. Therefore Miki Akiyama was semi retired in.

2006, it was around this time that she appeared frequently in the media.

< Television >
NHK "Future of Japan" / TV Asahi "Wide Scramble" / TBS "Bari Bari ★ Value" / TBS "2 o'clock Chao" etc.

< Magazine >
"My Choices of Cars", "STORY", "Nikkei WOMAN", "EX 35+", “Glamorous" etc.
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Chapter 5: Restart
"I have got everything I ever wanted."

Akiyama, who was enjoying her life at full scale, began to feel that she might still have a mission left. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 she wished to use her skills for survivors who lost a lot in the disaster to help them recover and live again fully.

In order to restart her business, she decided to study abroad again. In search of broader global views and world’s executives, she now is based in Monaco, for half a year. After a lot of learning from her circle of friends, she launched a new business in 2014.

"I will continue working hard to complete my life’s work. I will work not only for myself, but also for people who believe in me to get the three riches in life: “Time”, “Money”, and “Friends."
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New York

Press release

Message from CEO


From Miki Akiyama
This video is Akiyama's life story, as is told in her own words, specifically about her business successes and previous investment projects.

Hong Kong


Our Services


Our greatest strength is Akiyama’s human network of exclusive clientele around the world, which include world-class political and business executives, world-class athletes, actors and actresses, artists, etc. The network is characterized strong and not just superficial. By sensing the needs of our exclusive clients and developing the services they desire, we further strengthen our business in the future.


  • VIP Serviceof Retail Sales of Exclusive Goods




    We are happy to provide support in retail sales of super yachts and other private vessels, private aircrafts, luxury foreign cars, fine art and jewellery. For your peace of mind, various tax measures and other maintenance support are always considered. Feel free to contact us from here.

  • VIP Servicefor Business Marketing




    We conduct sales support for companies that wish to offer products and services to our own executive network. We will assist you in every aspect, from marketing research to strategy planning and sales representation. Feel free to contact us from here.

  • VIP Servicefor Human Resource Matching




    Our strength lies in the international executive network built around our representative, and we will conduct comprehensive research on your business needs and the personality of your representative, and then we will provide a focused business and human resources matching service. Feel free to contact us from here.





We are continuously recruiting personnel. Since our business field is out of Japan, English language is essential, with experience of studying or living overseas preferable. As long as you have ambition and responsibility, other requirements (age, educational background, previous business experience) are flexible. If you are interested to join our team, please feel free to contact us.

Job Description
To assist the representative, to accompany her overseas business trips, to participate in negotiations according to skills and experience.
Expected Benefits at Work
There are two main benefits. One is the potential growth in business perspectives and human networking through touching with the world’s leaders. Another is financial returns which can be greatly increased by the result.
Expected Skills to Be Acquired
Further improvement of English proficiency, personal relationship building with Japanese and global executives, planning skills, time-management skills, presence and manners like executives
Desired Characteristics and Specification
- Age, gender, level of education, previous business experiences are not specified.
- Proficiency of English language (overseas study or living experience is desirable).
- Strong sense of ambition and responsibility, attention to detail and patience.
Working Hours and Holidays
· Working hours: AM 10: 00 - PM 7: 00 (Includes lunch break of 1 hour) *There will be overtime work.
· Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, New Year's holidays, Summer holiday which our company charter certifies. *Annual holidays: 100 days or more
Work Location
Principally at DEFI Inc. Headquarters, Inc., 7-20-5 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo JAPAN
Concession holiday, flexible salary based on results, annual bonus in May, fully-covered transportation expenses, various insurances (corporate insurance, employment insurance, employees' welfare pension, occupational accident insurance) provided, child-care and family nursing care leave provided.
Annual salary starts from 5 million Japanese Yen, depending on skills and experience.


Press release

Press Release


Archival collection of past media appearances

< Television > NHK "Future of Japan" / TV Asahi "Wide Scramble" / TBS "Bari Bari ★ Value" / TBS "2 o'clock Chao" etc.

< Magazine > "My Choices of Cars", "STORY", "Nikkei WOMAN", "EX 35+", “Glamorous" etc.

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